Ways To Volunteer


NSH can always use help with picking up and dropping off donations and collections. Some will go to members to be sorted and disbursed and others may be drop offs to local recovery houses and treatment centers.

Hosting A Hope Bag Party

Hope Bags are one of the essentials we hand out when doing street outreach. These bags help us start conversation and at the same time give them a little something to munch on. Hosting and organizing a hope bag party with your friends and family is a great way to volunteer.

Spread Hope on Outings

The purpose of our outings is to help people find hope and see they are not forgotten. We like to try and plant the seed of recovery and self worth  with lots of love. Our outing leads are great with people new to outings and showing them how it all works. The outings are also a great way to help other families find some comfort that there are people out there helping and caring for their loved ones. 


NSH runs off of donations. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser (hope bag items , socks or monetary) it would be a great way to help us continue in helping.  Please speak to one of our organizers for more information.

FB Posts

Please join our FB page @Never Surrender Hope and feel free to jump in on any events and outings you are comfortable with. Our page is a private page so only others in the group can see what is written and happening. 

Thinking about volunteering?

We are always looking for great volunteers! We have many different ways you can volunteer your time and get involved. Come join us